Medical Bill Relief Grants

Providing medical expense coverage for families following a pregnancy loss or recent infertility discovery.


Out of the Ashes 5k, Inc. has established a Medical Bill Relief Grant that, through the fundraising from our events, corporate sponsorships, church partners and donors, serves bereaved families by covering any medical expenses associated with pregnancy loss, infant loss or infertility discovery. We know first-hand how distressing it can be to come home after losing a child and have a medical bill arrive in the mail. We want to alleviate the financial burden from grieving parents so they can focus on navigating a new normal with their families.

Applications are currently closed. We will reopen in August 2024. If you’d like us to contact you before opening date, please email Elisabeth Herrin, our Executive Assistant, at

Wow, this is such an incredible gift! Thank you - and your team so much for blessing us as the recipients. When I learned we would receive this grant, I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness by how God has continued to provide for us through this experience of carrying our son. Doing “immeasurably more than we might ask…” or even be able to imagine. Thank you for this work that you’ve started. It is so inspiring to us.


Thank you so much for blessing our family this way. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for you and your foundation. Although Miscarriages, infertility, and infant loss are not rare, they are not discussed enough. It can make women feel they are alone during a time they need support the most. Even just filling out this application – although made me tear up – allowed me to discuss my angel baby. Talking about my angel baby is something I'm still working on being able to do as part of my healing journey. So thank you for giving me a reason to talk about my blessing.


When we lost our little Angel, the delivery was very traumatic and left me with health complications. I needed therapy and the pain in my stomach was matched only by the pain of looking in our bank account and figuring out how to make the next payment for the hospital bill. Both being a cruel and constant reminder of what I have lost. I started praying that God would help us. One day, I received a card offering help from Out of the Ashes. I decided to reach out to them, and within a week, I received a text from my hospital - paid in full. What a great God we have who cares for the needs of His children so completely!


2024 Memorial Grants


This grant was raised by five families who found each other in 2021 at a Kindermourn support group, all after losing a child around the same time. They came together as a team at the 2023 Out of the Ashes Remembrance Walk and raised money from their communities to fund this grant.

Owen Christopher Grant

This grant was raised by Lisa & Chris Holmgren in memory of their son Owen, who they lost at 32 weeks in September of 2021. Their desire is that Owen’s life would have purpose through blessing another family walking a similar path.

Fifty Fabulous Women Giving Circle

This grant was named by the Fifty Fabulous Women Giving Circle, Charlotte chapter, after awarding Out of the Ashes Foundation their first grant in 2023. This is a group of generous and motivated women who desire to empower local nonprofits to serve women in the Charlotte area.

Noah James Grant

This grant was named by Daniel & Rachel McIntyre in memory of their son Noah James, who they lost at 12 weeks in July of 2023. They were surrounded by the support 50+ members of their circle, making the largest team at our 2023 5k.

Name a grant in memory of a child or in honor of a family by becoming a financial partner ($200/mo or a 1-time gift of $2,500). Or start a team at our annual Remembrance Event and hit the grant-naming milestone as a team!