The McMurtries

Growing the McMurtrie family

Written by Emily McMurtrie

We planned to start trying for our third child when our youngest was 14 months old. It had taken us eight months and an early loss to have our first daughter, while our second daughter was conceived by surprise just 9 months postpartum. We didn’t know what trying for number three would hold.

To our joy, we conceived in July 2023, but our joy was short-lived. Another early loss, but I bled for two weeks, which was different from our first loss. There was question of if it could be an ectopic pregnancy, but thankfully, just before they planned to give me methotrexate, my levels decreased by half. This didn’t deter us though. We conceived again 3 cycles later – towards the end of October 2023 – with our first positive test the first weekend in November. But again, this did not have a happy ending… Our third early loss.

I knew something wasn’t right. I had not had a true period since my emergency c-section with my second daughter in June 2022, but I thought I’d have to fight to get a workup since it was only 2 consecutive early losses. Before I had to even say a word, my GYN referred me to a fertility endocrinologist. I got in quickly and had my work up just before Christmas (bloodwork, biopsy, and HSG). It turned out, I had developed chronic endometritis – most likely from the emergency c-section – and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I was placed on Levothyroxine for the hypothyroidism and a two-week treatment of doxycycline for the endometritis, which was super fun for my GI system… They rechecked my bloodwork early February, and the medication had gotten my thyroid back on track. We were just cleared to start trying again in February of this year.

Even though these losses have tested our faith and I even had moments where I was angry with and question God, we are choosing to trust His plan for our family. We just pray that His plans align with ours to add one more healthy child.