Piper Lee, Infertility and Infant Loss

Piper Lee

Piper Lee

Written by Jami Proctor, Piper’s mom

My husband and I have been through the unimaginable and are probably closer to 1 in 1,000 than 1 in 100. We have been trying for almost 5 years now – just had our 5th wedding anniversary. 

About 6 months into our journey of trying to conceive and after 2 early pregnancy losses, we knew something was wrong. We got tested and of course everything was “normal” so I tried acupuncture to see if that could help. After another loss, we turned to the Women’s Institute in Charlotte (they are AMAZING). We started with IUIs – did 3 of those which produced another 2 pregnancy losses. 

Now, with 5 miscarriages we decided to move forward with IVF. With zero insurance coverage, we turned to crowdfunding and a personal loan to help pay for it. We had a wild IVF journey to say the least. In short, we’re able to retrieve 6 healthy eggs, which created 6 blastocysts (super uncommon, but great)! Out of those 6, we got 4 normal embryos – also super uncommon and we were elated!

We did our first transfer in November of 2022 which didn’t take making for our 6th loss. 

Then after more testing and treatment we proceeded with our second transfer in March, 2023. This one stuck and we very cautiously shared with family and friends our success! 

This pregnancy was pretty much as perfect as it could be. We got LOTS of private ultrasounds for peace of mind (if you know, you know) and things were great. 

She came out as spunky as ever but her body was sadly, too tiny for this big world.

In August, 2023 at 23 weeks I was admitted to the hospital during a routine scan (thankfully) due to high blood pressure. It quickly was discovered that I had severe preeclampsia and was not going home until a hopefully delivery at 34 weeks.

After a few days of no improvement in blood pressure, it was decided that we deliver our 24+1 week old baby girl, Piper Lee. She came out as spunky as ever but her body was sadly, too tiny for this big world.

Just a day and a half later, we lost our baby girl, our hope, and so much more. It’s been a long, slow journey of grief since – finding solace in grief therapy at Kindermourn. The support from our family and friends has been unwavering. We are so thankful for IVF, our amazing doctors, and for the time we got with our daughter. We are still hopeful for a double rainbow and have so much faith in our future. 💛