Melbie Rae

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Melbourne “Melbie” Rae

Written by Joy Lowe, Melbie’s mom

Melbie’s family includes Stephen, Joy, Emmie, Elsie and Judson Lowe

We were so excited to welcome our 4th baby into our family in January of ‘23. We couldn’t wait to meet her and be a family of 6. Tragically, due to complications during labor, Melbourne Rae (aka Melbie) went home to be with Jesus just minutes before she was born.

Not only did I have to leave my baby at the hospital to be picked up by strangers from a funeral home, but we came home to all of her little things waiting to welcome her. Her snuggle me was ready for lots of long naps. Her blankets, and clothes and bows were all ready. Diapers. All of it. Ready for her.

I never imagined she would never need any of it. I’m still not sure how this is all real.

Postpartum is hard but it’s made so sweet by precious baby snuggles and baby smells. Postpartum without your baby is a hell I wouldn’t wish on anyone. People keep telling me there’s no timeline with grief. And that’s honestly a scary thing. But the 9 months I got with her – with all four of my babies with me – I wouldn’t trade it.

You, precious girl, have taught me about the love and goodness of God in a way that I probably would never have truly known if it wasn’t for your life.

I miss her. I want her here. I hate that she’s not here. I remember holding her in the hospital, praying God would breathe life back into her lungs. That her heart, that had been beating just hours before, would beat again. God did give her life though. Just not the life I wanted her to have.

Our hearts have been shattered ever since losing her, but Jesus has been oh so near our family as we have grieved this huge loss. Our girls especially talk about Melbie all the time and how she is in heaven with Jesus waiting for us. We are so thankful for that hope and promise. We are also so thankful for the outpouring of love and support we have received from family, friends, and organizations like Out Of the Ashes. We have truly seen the body of Christ at work in a real way. Forever thankful that organizations like Out of the Ashes exist to help families going through the unimaginable. Praying for every family that will be helped through this organization as they walk this road.

“You, precious girl, have taught me about the love and goodness of God in a way that I probably would never have truly known if it wasn’t for your life. I have been so weary and exhausted, but God has lifted me on wings like an eagle (Is 40:30-31). God has been my fortress and refuge in the day of my distress (Psalm 59:16). I have felt the promise that “the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is his faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23). I know he has kept count of my tossings; and but my tears in his bottle (Psalm 56:8). God has truly borne my grief and carried my sorrow (Is. 53:4). He has said he will satisfy every weary soul and replenish every languishing soul (Jer. 31:25). And that “those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy” (Ps. 126:5). And because of all this, I am choosing to believe his declaration that there is hope for the future (Jer. 31:17).“

I love you forever, Melbie – Mama

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Real life ways we support loss moms as an organization – and the associated cost:

  • Our organization is sending 20 of the 100 moms to the Bereaved Mother’s Day Tea this Sunday. (cost: $50 to send 1 mom)
  • We have sent 60 free care packs to new loss moms in the last year. (cost: $2,400, approx. $40/ea)
  • We sent 300+ cards to bereaved moms and infertility warriors this year. (cost: $450)
  • This past year, we gave out $25,000 to cover loss-associated medical bills for 18 moms and their families. In the fall, we plan to give $25,000 more.
  • We design spaces and connection events for moms to share and meet other moms. (cost: ~$25,000)