Jace Alexander

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Jace Alexander

Written by Tomeka Isaac, Jace’s mom

In October 2017, my husband Brandon and I were filled with boundless joy as we anticipated the arrival of our son, Jace. Despite being labeled high-risk for preeclampsia due to my age, my pregnancy was largely uneventful. I cherished each moment, singing to Jace in the shower and eagerly awaiting his arrival.

However, at the 34-week mark, our excitement turned to concern when we were told Jace was measuring small. Despite reassurances after an inconclusive ultrasound, our unease persisted as Jace failed a non-stress test at 35 weeks.

The early hours of May 14, 2018, brought a nightmare we never could have imagined. I woke with a sharp stomachache, followed by vomiting, and a sense of relief. But the next morning, the pain returned, culminating in a terrifying moment when I collapsed. Rushed to the ER, we received the devastating news— Jace had passed away in utero, and I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, a severe complication.

Our journey has left us with haunting questions—could Jace's death have been prevented? Were crucial tests overlooked due to my high-risk status?

In the face of this tragedy, our pleas for a C-section to avoid the anguish of hearing Jace’s silence were denied without explanation. As we were transported to another hospital, a CT scan revealed internal bleeding, prompting emergency surgery to save my life.

Seven surgeries and 45 days in the hospital blurred into a haze of grief and pain, compounded by the inability to bid farewell to our precious son at his funeral.

Our journey has left us with haunting questions—could Jace’s death have been prevented? Were crucial tests overlooked due to my high-risk status?

Through our story, we strive to raise awareness and advocate for change in maternal healthcare. No family should endure the heartache we’ve faced. We urge for closer monitoring and support for expectant mothers, ensuring every pregnancy journey is met with the care and vigilance it deserves. Together, let’s work towards a future where no parent has to say goodbye to their child too soon.

Jace Isaac

Tomeka and her husband Brandon founded a nonprofit in 2019 with the goal of addressing racial disparities in maternal health outcomes. The US is the only industrialized nation with rising maternal mortality rates and the increase disproportionately affects women of color. In honor of their son, the Isaacs created Jaces Journey, Inc. to raise awareness and contribute to improving maternal/fetal healthcare disparities through education, advocacy and community engagement.

Donate to our “Still their mom” campaign to support our ministry efforts for moms like Tomeka

Real life ways we support loss moms as an organization – and the associated cost:

  • Our organization is sending 20 of the 100 moms to the Bereaved Mother’s Day Tea this Sunday. (cost: $50 to send 1 mom)
  • We have sent 60 free care packs to new loss moms in the last year. (cost: $2,400, approx. $40/ea)
  • We sent 300+ cards to bereaved moms and infertility warriors this year. (cost: $450)
  • This past year, we gave out $25,000 to cover loss-associated medical bills for 18 moms and their families. In the fall, we plan to give $25,000 more.
  • We design spaces and connection events for moms to share and meet other moms. (cost: ~$25,000)