Out of the Ashes Grant Program

Providing medical expense coverage for women and families following the loss of a child through pregnancy or infant loss or walking the path of infertility.

Out of the Ashes 5k, Inc. has established a grant program that, through the fundraising from our events, corporate sponsorships, church partners and donors, will serve bereaved families by covering any medical expenses associated with pregnancy loss, infant loss and infertility discovery. We know first hand how distressing it can be to come home after losing a child and have a medical bill arrive in the mail. We want to alleviate the financial burden from grieving parents so they can focus on navigating a new normal with their families.

We are now accepting applications.

Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorships

We are looking for 30 corporate sponsors to partner with us for the 2023 calendar year. With your help, we can take our non-profit from grass-roots to a functioning organization that can serve hundreds of families every year. If you own a business and are interested in becoming a financial partner, please fill out the form below to get more information.

Church Partnerships

If you are a church leader in the community, would you consider doing a special offering in your congregation to help support this fund? For more information, please email us at outoftheashes5k@gmail.com.

Corporate Sponsorship Interest Form